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Who watches television more – males or females?

School: Maple Medical PRI – JASP Education centre

Year group: 8

Number of students: 3

Award: 1st


We are doing a study on which of the genders spend more time watching television a day. We are going to hand out a questionnaire asking which gender you are and how many hours a day you spend watching television. We predict it's going to be the females that spend more hours watching television, because of the soaps and dramas that are on currently. We are going to tally up the results and use them to create a bar chart, displaying the data. After that, we are going to create a conclusion that tells the results and interprets them.


In conclusion we that males watch TV more than females, as we got males watching television for 10 hours +, whereas all of the females watched it for  0 to 5 hours. Also, we found out that both genders watch television most in the morning. So, we found out that our prediction (that females watch television more) was wrong.