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What food?

School: Chantry High School

Year group: 8

Number of students: 4

Award: 3rd


Our investigation is what types of food people like. We are trying to find out the types of food is the favourite out of 30 people. We will do this by giving options to 30 year 8 pupils and we will collect data through a tally then a graph or chart to compare results. Our hypothesis is that “English is the least popular type of food.” Our reason for choosing this Hypothesis is because we believe English food is bland so other foods will be more popular. To prove or disprove our theory we will use a tally chart, pie chart, the mode, range and percentages. We expect to see English food unpopular but Chinese, Indian and Mexican popular.


In conclusion, Chinese food was the most popular and our hypothesis was wrong because English food was 2nd most popular and Mexican was the least. Chinese food received over a 1/3 of the resulting votes. Our investigation was a success as we achieved all we aimed for.